South Carolina State Fair is big business


The South Carolina State Fair is held every year in Columbia, between mid and late October. It has been operating for over a hundred years and has become a big business in the tourist area of ​​the Carolinas.

As such, there are plenty of hotels in the area ready to meet the needs of weary fair assistants. And if you're outdoors and looking to save a little money, there are plenty of nearby camps ready to help you with a place to stay.

This may be one of the only state fairs in the country that has been actively giving money back to the community. Each year they offer thousands of dollars in scholarships to local students at high schools and colleges.

Music lovers attending the fair can enjoy special concerts by famous musicians on the stage of the Pepsi Tribune. These concerts are additional and you may need to purchase your tickets in advance to ensure you have seats to see your favorite artists.

However, you can still find the classic homegrown displays at this fair. Competitive exhibits include southern classics like Best bushels of Pecans and sweet potatoes. Judges also enjoy tasting and evaluating homemade red wines, white wines, and dessert wines. As a special gift to prepare for the holidays, they have a Christmas tree division for the best Christmas trees.

They have a special Fair Princess and Prince Pageant, with divisions for girls ranging from newborn to twenty years and older, and a four-part division for infants to six years and older for boys. They broadcast the contest finals live on television, so fair attendees attending the contest may end up on television in one of those crowds watching camera panoramas.

Carnival rides like the Scooter, Afterburner, and the Euroslide on the Midway at the show will certainly thrill, thrill, and upset some people's stomachs. Since food is the number one reason people attend the fair, it stands to reason that they have a lot of food. You can find Baklava, cabbage salad, walnut rolls, Greek salads and even London grilling along with caramel apples, corn dogs and roasted peanuts.